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After reading The story of Timothy, I must say it sounds like my life history.  I was born in 1947, of  a Creole/Indian father and a white mother.  My father had red skin, after-all he was black, french Canadian and Indian.  His father was french canadian, his mother was Indian and he had black ancestries.  We were considered middle class, my father and mother both worked to take care fo their sixteen children, 2 which died early at the age of 1 yrs and 1 week.  I was the number 8 out of 16.  I have green eyes like my father and red hair like my mother. I was told many times that Actress Ann Margaret wished she looked like me.  All my young years I just wanted a friend, but the white kids weren’t allowed to associate with us, and the black kids didn’t want to be friends with us.  I never had a friend except for my brothers and sisters and I guess that is why we are still friends in our older years.  We were never allowed to spend the night at a friend’s house, because we didn’t have outside friends.  My father and mother would take us camping and taught each of us how to fish, and my brother’s were avid hunters.  Our values, manners, and respect that our parents instilled in us, carried us through adult-hood.  We went to church,(Catholics) confessions, and church every Sunday.  We have lived our lives accordingly and thank our Lord Jesus Christ for all our successes.  We were all blessed.  I always felt that my brothers and sisters and myself were all different, but we all looked white except my father looked like a red Indian, we were all educated from Primer Grade to 12th grade in a Catholic grade school and High School..  We all graduated from High School and some graduated from College.  We all had good live, and really didn’t have to suffer as adults.  Our lives bothered other people, not us.
In this 3 page (excluding title page and reference page) discuss the unique and diverse aspects of yourself as they relate to gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity, ability , class, and sexual orientation.  Explain who you are and what your experiences have been as they relate to the concept of diversity.  Gender (female) age, (66) religion (catholic), race(cajun/creole) ethnicity ( really don’t belong to any specific group) ability A  mixed ability class allows for more of a social mix grouping pupils according to their ability would seem a logical way to allow all pupils to achieve their potential.  Explain who you are and what your experiences have been as they  relate to the concept of diversity, include any aspects reviewed in the first two weeks reading, Assess your development in relation to the identity theories discussed in the readings, which model applies the most to you? explain any historical, social/family, financial/economic,cultural, or political considerations that have specifically impacted you or your family in your development and in your ability to meet your own needs.  Summarize the impact of any programs or laws that help or hinder your ability to have the life you would like to have, Explain how any or the diverse aspects of who you are have either been helpful or hindered your ability to obtain health or human services.  Illustrate your point with any personal example that are relevant.  Summarize with a focus on where you see the need to gain understanding and insight for future work with diverse others.
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