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Address the topic. Your original response should be at least 350 words and should reflect the fact that you have completed the assigned readings for the week. Remember, this is your chance to illustrate not only your understanding, but also your mastery of the materials for the unit. Use your words wisely so the posting has substance and includes examples and explanations. Limit the use of direct quotes, and do your best to critically evaluate and synthesize the literature in your own words wherever possible. Make sure to include in-text citations and a reference list as appropriate.
Selecting an Instrument
Consider that you are a psychology professional, working in your area of interest in an educational setting (public or private school setting).
Pick one of the following instruments to consider while answering the questions below:
Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL 1 ยฝ – 5) (CBCL 4 – 18)
Adult Basic Learning Examination
American College Testing Program – A-C-T
Child Sexual Behavior Inventory
Connors Rating Scales, Revised (CRS-R)
Cooperative Achievement Test
Diagnostic Mathematics Inventory
Graduate Record Examination
Horn Art Aptitude Inventory
Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children – II
KeyMath Revised
Learning Potential Assessment Device
Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
Metropolitan Mathematics Instructional Tests
Metropolitan Readiness Tests
Miller Analogies Test
Quality of School Life Scales

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