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A Midterm – Written Assignment worth a possible 100 points is required by all students.
Part A: Begin writing your e-Business “Bug Journal”
A helpful technique to get you to stretch in terms of new idea generation, this assignment asks you to take some time and identify a large number of things that bother or “bug” you in your own life. Once you have produced a list of fifty (50) things in life that bug you, you should then identify five of them that might represent an opportunity for a new product or service around which a venture could be built.
The most successful products are responses to problems or needs that someone has. Many entrepreneurs get ideas for new products from needs that they have themselves, or that they identify when speaking with someone. This assignment asks you to list 50 or more things that really bug you. You must reflect on your own life, your personal needs, activities in which you are involved, things you like to do, relationships that you have, things that you observe in your everyday world, and so forth. Then make a laundry list of particular things that bug you. Be creative and innovative in presenting your report.
Part B: e-Business Analysis.
Prepare a paper for your top e-business idea from your journal. Be sure to “at least” do all of the following:
•               describe your e-business
•               identify your customers
•               identify what you know about customers needs
•               what is your product/service – what are you going to sell
•               what is your pricing strategy
•               how and where will you promote the business
•               how do the customers get the product/service
•               do a SWOT analysis
•               identfiy any other factors you feel are important

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