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A brief introduction about the OS, its history, popularity, design goals, and a brief description for the rest of the paper.
Memory Management: briefly explain memory management in general, then focus on special features of Android memory manager. Why is it different from the traditional OS? Discuss the advantages and challenges of the manager.
Processor Management: based on its designing goals, what are special environments about its processor management? How does it handle process and threads?
Device Management: What is device management in traditional OS? What services do Android provides for I/O?
File Management: What file system(s) does Android use? How do they work?
Network Management: What networking capabilities does Android provide?
User Interface: What are the major differences between the user interface of Android and that of traditional OS? A picture may worth a thousand words here.
Conclusion: Summarize advantages and disadvantages of Android. Make some predictions about its future (never worry that you might be wrong).
The paper should contain 15 page double spaced with each sections using its own section title. There are a few topics not mentioned above, but may be included, such as security management should be discussed throughout several sections. Another example would be Dalvik VM.

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