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Hiroshima: Why America Dropped the Atomic Bomb by Ronald Takaki
1 Your thesis Was the work credible?  Summarize why in this introductory  paragraph by using applicable evaluation criteria below as your  main supporting points (this should be done after reading the  book and analyzing the author). For example: I found the work  credible/not credible based on either author’s background and/or  author’s source of information
2 Author Is she/he credible? Pursue this question by discussing: Who is she/he? Why would she/he write on this particular subject?  Is she/he qualified?  Education?  Professional activities?  Other publications?  History profession awards?  Possible bias BASED N AUTHOR’S BACKGROUND?
3 Publisher Does the publisher, place or date of publication indicate bias or  lead you to question the work’s reliability? Explain.
4 Author’s Thesis In one sentence state the author’s main point. Do not use an interrogative in this sentence (i.e., a question word such as who,  where, when, how, why).
Provide author’s support of the thesis, giving specific examples  from the book.  Is the support strong?  Is the argument in  support of the thesis logical?  Give at least five examples from  the book to support your opinions.
What materials were used in writing the work? Are sources  cited? Are the sources credible? Appropriate? Explain by citing
examples. If no sources are listed, what type of sources would be  necessary to support such a thesis?

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