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4) A great illustration of accommodation can be found on the show Friends. In the fifth season (episode 12), Chandler is invited to a party at the home of his boss to which he brings Monica, with whom he has relatively recently become romantically involved. At the party, Chandler reveals his “work laugh,” a rather obnoxious sound in response to his boss’s rather un-funny jokes. Monica is disgusted and fails to understand his rationale until she sees the consequences when he doesn’t laugh at the boss’ joke. By the end of the episode, both Chandler and Monica are doing the “work laugh,” brilliantly illustrating the need to accommodate, especially to those in more powerful positions.
Think about situations of your own where you accommodated…perhaps when you joined the military, went to college, or any other situation where you were new and needed to find ways to fit in. Discuss some examples from your own experience, applying the principles of this theory that demonstrates your understanding.

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