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1)      What is the purpose of this research?
2)      What is the research question (or questions)? This may be implicit or explicit.
3)      What theories, frameworks, models or concepts may have influenced the researchers’ choice of a research design?
4)      How do the authors describe the design of this study?
5)      Determine the classification of this study; is it

  • Quantitative, qualitative or mixed method?
  • Experimental or nonexperimental?
  • Cross-sectional or longitudinal?

6)      What is the evidence that his journal is peer-reviewed? Does the journal have an editorial board? (Look for the journal’s website to discover this information)
7)      Is there evidence of any conflict of interest that might introduce bias into the way the study is designed, or the way the results are viewed? Do the authors have any potential financial gain from the results of this study?

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