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1. (TCO 7) Which of the following statements are accurate about job specialization? (Points : 2)
Workers are more proficient.
Equipment is more specialized.
Training is simplified.
Workers are more likely to be bored.
All of these choices
2. (TCO 7) With job enrichment, workers can ____. This does not occur with job enlargement. (Points : 2)
periodically move from one job to another
complete more of the same type of tasks
experience enhanced pride because they excel at one narrow task
find their authority and responsibility are increased
take longer and more frequent breaks
3. (TCO 7) GM has a division for GMC trucks and one for Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and Cadillacs. This is an example of ____ departmentalization. (Points : 2)
4. (TCO 7) U.S. military organizations used to have a policy that required officers to eat separately and maintain some social distance from enlisted personnel. The current separations are far less distinct. The military is eliminating some of its ____ organization design. (Points : 2)
5. (TCO 7) ____ are internal organizational factors that can influence the organization design selection. (Points : 2)
Organization size and the organizational environment
Slack resources and technology employed
Technology employed and the organizational environment
Organization size and the technology employed
Slack resources and size
6. (TCO 7) Heinrich works for Siemens Corporation. He lives in New York City and reports to both the marketing president in Munich and the president in charge of Siemens North America. He works in a ____ design organization. (Points : 2)
conglomerate (H-form)
divisional (M-form)
functional (U-form)
7. (TCO 7) Microsoft announced it would start giving employees stock shares instead of stock options and that it would record the stocks as expenses on its books. It was undergoing (Points : 2)
organization development.
organization evolution.
organization change.
organization implementation.
organizational structure.
8. (TCO 7) Desiree is reluctant to take a promotion because it involves moving. She knows little about the area she would be living in. According to the text, the most likely reason for such employee resistance to change is (Points : 2)
threatened self-interests.
different perceptions.
feelings of loss.
9. (TCO 7) Andrea had worked in the marketing department for 27 years. She knows the history and successes of the office better than any other employee. When change is suggested, she is reluctant because she remembers accomplishments related to the current way of doing things. As a result of ____, she is resistant to change. (Points : 2)
a high level of risk propensity
threatened self-interests
different perceptions
feelings of loss
10. (TCO 7) Which of the following statements is NOT a fundamental assumption of organization development? (Points : 2)
Employees have strong social needs.
Management-employee cooperation/collaboration is needed.
Organization design affects individual and group behavior.
Employees normally take an adversarial stance with respect to the organization.
Employees have strong growth needs.
11. (TCO 7) Describe the bases for departmentalization at a sit-down restaurant. Find examples of at least two types of departmentalization that would be used in a restaurant. (Points : 5)
12. (TCO 7) How do the reward system and organization culture affect innovation in organizations? (Points : 5)

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