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1) In reading Functional Perspective on Group Decision Making, it may have made you think of a game of Candyland or Chutes and Ladders. In both cases, while there might be a most expedient way of getting to the end, there are also possible routes to finishing. Likewise, there are obstacles that can temporary derail your forward progress. In your discussion of this theory, answer the following:
A.) Articulate the discrepancies (i.e. there’s only one goal in the game) and/or speculate on how the game might be tweaked to be even more reflective of Hirokawa’s theory. For example, how could evaluation of alternatives be incorporated into play?
B.) The functional theory of group decision making addresses four functions that groups must perform to reach good decisions: (a) analysis of the problem, (b) goal setting, (c) identification of alternatives, and (d) evaluation of positive and negative characteristics. Speaking from your experiences with groups, which function is most difficult to perform, and why?

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