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1) For this essay, develop an argument about the story. The argument should be analytic in nature. You will argue for the presence of a specific theme in the story. The specific examples you will use to support that argument should come directly from the story. Your argument should demonstrate an understanding of literary terms: characterization, irony and epiphany.


2)The first paragraph of the essay should begin by discussing the theme you have chosen in broad terms. Then, in one or two sentences, sum up enough of the story to connect your ideas to the thesis statement, which should come near at the end of the first paragraph.


Thesis statement: In “Cathedral”, Raymond Carver uses characterization, irony and epiphany to show how one’s shallow world perception can change towards empathy and understanding.


3) Your essay should be arranged topically based on literary terms that you include in your thesis statement.

4)      Your conclusion should explain why a general audience should care about your topic, and it should convey why your analysis in important.

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