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1._____ is Hezbollah’s television network.

  A. Al Manar
B. Al Fajir
C. Al Jazeera
D. Al Hurra
  1. Maoist terrorism is a form of _____ terrorism.
  A. Revolutionary
B. Cultural
C. Religious
D. Political

3._____ is Latin America’s oldest and largest terrorist group.

  A. ELN
C. Shining Path

4.The birth of the _____ may have mirrored standard Middle Eastern terrorism, but the group’s exploits drew more attention than did those of its rival terrorist organizations.

  A. Hamas
D. Abu Nidal

5.The Blank 1 ——– began as a dispute between Protestants and Roman Catholics in Prague, eventually pitting the north of Europe against the south.
6.In the U.S., there are approximately _____ state, local, and tribal law enforcement officers.

  A. 800,000
B. 900,000
C. 500,000
D. 600,000
  1. Counterfeiting and fraud are common weapons of the _____.
  A. Asian extremists
B. Eastern Europe extremists
C. South American extremists
D. American extremist right

8.Sun Tzu produced a treatise on the ____.

  A. Paradoxes of war
B. Military leadership of China
C. History of guerilla warfare
D. Philosophy of national war

9.The idea of _____ is that all levels of society must become involved in homeland security.

A. Protection of social order
B. Arbitrary coercion
C. Logic of conflict
D. Defense in depth

10.Who are usually the first government agents on the scene of a terrorist incident?

A. The FBI
B. Homeland Security
C. Local law enforcement officials

11_____ believed terrorism should be used as an instrument for overthrowing middle-class governments.

A. Vladimir Lenin
B. Karl Marx
C. Sergey Nechaev
D. Leon Trotsky

12.Blank 1 refers to embedding hidden information in a picture, message, or other piece of information.
13.According to the text, the _____ have conducted more suicide bombings than any other group.

A. Sunni Kurds
B. Buddhist Sinhalese
C. LTTE Black Tigers
D. Hezbollah

14.Asymmetrical war is waged against Blank 1 and homeland security is designed to secure symbols.
15._____ is 99 percent Muslim and was the home of the last caliphate; according to the text, the country is an enigma in its standing with Europe.

  A. Kurdistan
B. Algeria
C. Turkey
D. Pakistan

16.The poetic utterances of Gabriel were eventually codified in a single book, the_____.

  A. Old Testament
B. Bible
C. Quran
D. Torah

17.According to Huntington, _____ refers to the cultural conflicts among the world’s eight dominant civilizations.

  A. Radicalization
B. Cultural paradigms
C. Social processes
D. Clash of civilizations

18.Islam is frequently described as a monotheistic religion based on _____ tenets, or pillars.

  A. Six
B. Five
C. Four
D. Seven

19.____ refers to the political party of republicanism.

  A. Conservatives
B. Parliamentary
C. Capitalists
D. Sinn Féin

20.Al Qaeda’s origins can be traced to the _____.

  A. Lebanese Civil War
B. Korean War
C. Cold War
D. World War II

21._____established the Department of Homeland Security and reorganized the president cabinet.

  A. Quadrennial Homeland Security Review
B. USA Intelligence Act
C. Homeland Security Act
D. 9/11 Commission Implementation Act of 2207

22.A weak Lebanese government allows _____ to maintain strongholds in southern Lebanon, the Bekka Valley, and central pockets in Beirut.

  A. Islamic Jihadists
B. Hezbollah
D. Hamas

23.According to the text, the definition of ______ changes with social and historical circumstances.

  A. Violence
B. Terror
C. Terrorism
D. War


  1. A report issued by the _____ indicated that right-wing extremists would be anxious to recruit military veterans coming from Iraq and Afghanistan.

25._____ is one of the newest jihadist groups grown from the tangled political situation in Yemen, and it maintains cross border ties with radicals in Saudi Arabia.

  A. ISI


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