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Choosing an Essay Topic: how do you start?

Choosing an Essay Topic: how do you start?

by collegetabloiddotcomNovember 30, 2019

Here at the Poor Grad Poor Student Network, we like to get straight to the point; today we are looking at choosing an essay topic if you were given a choice… Aka if it was discretionary! So…

1. You want to choose a topic that you already know a little bit about.

2. Short of that, you want to choose a topic that you can very quickly look up information about.

3. If this is an assessment related topic, choose a topic that you know many other people are already working on. With a little bit of effort, the work that you put can steal the show and get you a better assessment over your lazy peers.

4. Taking a contrarian view to the point above, you could be choosing an essay topic that is abstruse – that is, so difficult to digest that your evaluator or teacher would be happy to simply hear it from you rather than go through peer-reviewed research to begin to make sense of what you are talking about.

5. Choose a topic that you can then reuse subsequently. This is especially helpful if you have a multi week submission, and everything later on will build off of what you do right now. Make sure that it can accommodate your word count even if you didnt have time to research it thoroughly.

6. For example, as a web developer, whenever I needed to do a company analysis, I would make it be a technology company so I could regurgitate details and specifics without thinking.

7. If this is a topic that is going to get published on the Internet, look at something that others have not published entirely, and in particular, Neil Patel hasn’t written about! If they have, you could too – but youll have a hard time making it stand apart. 

8. If you were a student, and you were also a publisher, go with a topic that can easily be monetized, once the submission work has been completed.

9. Therefore, you may want to look up topics for material that easily incorporates affiliate terms. Given the right audience, and the right number of them, this content can make you a lot of money.

10. For people who find themselves writing often, for a variety of needs and situations, could go with topics that can be repeatedly employed. So at least your research is done, and you could simple tweak and rewrite for situation after situation.

11. Look for topics that do not change with time. For example, if you talk about marketing, the whole world of marketing has turned upside down over the past 10 – 15 years, as Internet marketing has taken over the many traditional ways that people use to allocate budget.

12. This goes without saying, consider choosing an essay topic that doesn’t necessarily have to be looked up behind paywalls – like stuff usually discussed on PubMed. On the one hand, your evaluator will not be able to correctly assess your writing if they will have to cross that barrier, at the same time, it would be a barrier for you to cross in the first place. So if you already had a membership for your content bank, you can use that to your advantage.

13. Sometimes, it can work in your favor if you choose a topic that is so difficult to comprehend, that teachers would simply give you what you write for. Examples are highly specific medical articles, that are delegated to people with at least a degree in medicine. Stuff like that exists.

In the End … 

I believe I have conveyed a need of playing to your strengths. That is what Prof. Dumbledore wanted Harry Potter to do. In this case, you are going to do that with your writing by choosing an essay topic that works, and you are going to come out on the top.

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