Prepare a bank reconciliation

Prepare a bank reconciliation for XYZ Company at September 30 using the following informatiom: Balance per XYZ Company bank statement at September 30. $ 7,351.10 Outstanding checks 5,645.45 NSF checks fronm customers 444.22 Deposits in transit 7,135.46 Interest Revenue 100.00 Service charge 230.30 Cash balance per XYZ’s records at September 30 9,415.63

-Evaluate the importance of ethics in accounting

Identify two reasons why accounting is important for business. Justify your selections. -Evaluate the importance of ethics in accounting. Defend your evaluation. -Analyze the importance of having a good understanding of accounting. What implications does a lack of understanding have for business? -Determine the best way to explain accounting to a non-accountant.

The business of manufacturing basketball shoes

Shambu Shoes is in the business of manufacturing basketball shoes. Accordingly the company uses the six activity cost pools listed below: Activity Cost Pool Activity Measure Maintenance Machine Hours Setups Setup Hours Cutting Supervision Setup Hours Cutting Depreciation Machine Hours Assembly supervision Direct Labor hours Assembly Depreciation Machine Hours The company has already carried out […]