Student Integrity Policy is a community of learning, trust, and integrity. We trust that you are responsible and will use materials we provide honestly. Please use our tutorials as a resource and do not submit our work as your own. Our materials are provided with the intent to assist you in your studies, not to facilitate cheating.

Cheating can bring serious repercussions, including being banned from and other serious consequences from your school or university.

The information provided in our tutorials is the same as any information you would receive from an individual session with a tutor in a library or coffee shop. In lieu of these physical meetings we are providing you with the information in an online format so you can access the information and help you need when you don’t have the time. Therefore, tutorials from should be treated as an online resource for your coursework.

[box title=”Prohibition!” box_color=”#0000E8″ radius=”7″]AS OF October 20, 2010. Edited last and supplanted: May 25, 2018[/box]

And remember what Jefferson once said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”

Confused if your question is considered cheating? Here are some simple questions to ask yourself:

– Do I really want to learn or do I just want someone to do the work for me?

– Did I receive instructions that prohibit help of any kind (proofreading, study group, etc)?

– Am I just going to use the materials I receive as a resource or just submit them?

If you still have questions as to whether or not you are cheating, remember this: tutorials are intended to be used as an online resource. Our tutorials are the same as meeting with a tutor, not getting someone to do your work for you. As long as resources are allowed to be used and you use our materials properly, chances are you are not cheating.

We trust you to use our site and our resources responsibly and with integrity and honor. Cheating is not permissible.