Please go ahead and place an order from the Order Form, reached by clicking the large green button on your right hand sidebar.
Normally, the way to go is via PAYPAL or Stripe – we are adding cryptocurrency support in the weeks to come. We can also help you pay via Google Checkout – but you would have to email us.
What happens next is we email you the tutorial to your email – specific to the length and priority you ordered with!
The answering module is for students to help each other and earn some points. If we see you earning lots of ’em, we will reward you – we dont know how quite yet, but make no mistake! Literally!
You may submit academic questions from any grade level, in any subject whatsoever.
Regular priority times are 5 days. To ENSURE you get the help you need within the time you have, make sure to order priority (select the desired option while ordering).
Any tutorials and help you receive is developed from scratch, and has never been sold before. This is done to ensure all work our tutors do stays clear of copyright and plagiarism issues – concerns number one on all our tutors’ minds.
A tutor with us has to have an advanced degree in the field he wishes to teach. Most tutors have a graduate degree in their fields.
You can always reach us at support AT poorgradpoorstudent.com
Writing/academic help contractors get to keep as much as 75% of a given project value.
Each author that would work on your tutorials would have at least a 4 year degree qualification from the US.
Let us take the example of a $20 page, and see where the money goes. To address a solution that is contained in about 300 words, an expert, no matter how fast, drafting things from scratch would take them about an hour at least, by the time you add in referencing, researching and ensuring that the solution is absolutely correct.

All of our experts hold their respective degree in the subjects that they take on, and with those degrees comes loans. We strive to pay our experts between $10 and $15 for every such unit of intervention and engagement. A good proportion of the remaining money goes toward maintaining the website code, paying for hosting, payment processing fees, security audits, compliance with legal requests, customer service and overall maintenance.

Yes, indeed! Something like that…

All of our systems are integrated with Trello and Zapier. Your order is transmitted in real-time to shared productivity boards, categorized according to the subject with subject experts. The subject expert is necessitated to pick your order up so that it is completed within the deadline.

No! Firstly, as per our terms of service, you are accepting to never use the work we provide you with as part of a submission.

You are allowed, however, to use bits and pieces of it, as long as you properly attribute it. The copyright stays with the subject expert, or the network, as the case may be. These items are meant to help you come up with a write up of your own, and believe me it’s going to be far more fantastic than what you get from us, because you’re going to be building on top of it, not substituting your own creativity and uniqueness with what we give you! Besides, how fair is that to your fellow students, who may not have access to similar resources?

These things are explained in detail within our academic integrity policy , which you also agree to when placing an order. All of the help you receive from us is no different than what you receive from a subject expert off of Craigslist, in a Starbucks.