Health care roles and resources

Health care roles and resources








Underneath we tabulate health care roles and resources.



Resource Name and website address or contact information Purpose description Resource type: Industry related, professional resource, or employer Professions and roles for employer resources Intended for consumers and professionals? Possible use
WebMD                                                             Resource for researching a variety of health issues. Includes links to other sources, articles, treatment options, and other medical information Professional resource Mental health case manager: helps individuals with mental illness navigate the health care system; might use the website to find additional information about other co-occurring illnesses                                                      Nurse practitioners: often primary care providers to individuals in rural communities and in many mental health centers; have medication prescription-writing authority in most states; might use the website to provide additional medical information to research comorbidities or medication complications Yes A person just learning that a family member has a disease or illness could use this site to find information on the condition, on treatment options, and on support groups. The site offers other resource links.
The New England Journal of Medicine Resource for learning about a variety of health issues.Covers a variety of areas including health research, reviews, clinical cases, perspective, and commentary. Topics cover all specialities within the field of medicine. Articles are peer-reviewed and are backed by conclusive evidence unless otherwise stated. Industry related Medical Researcher: Works in the laboratory on developing new treatments for or finding the causes of health conditions; might use the website to learn about clinical studies being conducted, new findings in related areas of medicine, and general information about treatments which may be related to their research.            Surgeon: intimately involved with the health care of patients; high-risk job where minimal error can have devastating effects; might use the website to stay up-to-date on the latest surgical news including new surgical provedures, tips or articles about common procedures, and/or changes in surgical procedures. Yes Anyone who works in the health care industry may review articles in this publication to be knowledgeable on current practices within the industry. This also helps further research and procedures in individual institutions, which can effectively improve the quality of patient care.
American Hospital Association              Resource for hospitals and health care networks. Resource includes a variety of topics including advocacy issues, performance improvement, and research and trends within the health care industry. Resource is operated by a non-profit  organization. Industry related Operating Officer: oversees the daily workings and functioning of a hospital or healthcare network; might use this resource to determine how to improve current operations at the hosptial or health care center, or might use the resource to learn about legislation issues being presented to congress.Information Technology Specialist:  works specifcally on information technology systems within the thealth care field or industry; deals with numerous systems which improve the operations of the health care organization and the overall quality of care for patients; essential to the success of modern day health care; might use the site to gain new information or insight into new programs that are entering the market for systems, such as hospital systems or systems for individual physician offices. No Upper-level management of a hospital or health care system may use this resource to determine their strategic plan based upon infomration discussed regarding trends and availability of the market. This resource may prove to be beneficial in determining any new strategies for the hospital or helath care organization.,
MayoClinic A multifunctional resource that serves as a homepage for the clinic as well as a resource for both patients and physicians. Resource provides information on a  number of different health conditions, as well as physician specific information such as clinical trials, continuing education, fellowships, etc. Additionally, resource allows patients to schedule appointment, find a doctor, a job,  make a donation, or log into their personal account. Professional health care resource Receptionist: fulfills physician’s request for referalls, schedules future appointments, completes the patient checkout process at the end of an appointment; might use the site if the physician has requested  that the patient see a specialist at the clinic; site has a specialized section to facilitate physician referrrals which is only available to medical professionals.                                      Postdoctoral Fellow: still studies medicine and is continuously working towards achivieng higher educational attainment; might use the site to find a number of different positions related to their field of study; such a position would provide “real world” experience in a well-established organization with strong programs already in place. Yes An individual recently diagnosed with a medical condition may use the site to learn more information about the condition, including the symptoms and various treatment options. Additionally, anyone who has a complicated medical condition may use the site to find a specialist or schedule an appointment with a specialist who works on complicated cases. Medical professionals may also use the site to assist their patients in scheduling appointments, gathering news on recent research, or even search other industry related news such as clinical trials.
American Academy of Pediatrics          Resource focusing upon issues that affect pediatric care. Resource provides information in several different areas including practice and clinical support, research, continuing medical education, advocacy and policy, and other topics related to the medical treatment of children. Professional health care resource Pediatrician:  certified medical professional designated to take care of patients under the age of 18 years; might use this site as a resource for information of current topics and discussions within the pediatrics industry; resouce may also be used in maintaining certification, learning about current research, and to help find numerous other resources related to pediatrics.                                                   Office Manager: works to ensure pediatrician’s office operating efficiently, generating adequate revenue, seeing enough patients, and providing the best service possible to their patients; might use the site to get information on staffing, information on financial resourcces available for pediatrics, sample office documents, tips on marketing the practice, information related to vaccinations, and links to other references specific to billing and payment. No An office manager wanting to improvethe current operation of a pediatrician’s office may use this site as a resource for a variety of related topics. Likewise, a pediatrician who is looking for specific resources on operating their own practice or trends in pediatrics may use the site. Additonally, pediatricians may also the site to gather resources relevant to their patient’s, such as educational materials on relevant topics, to give to patients and their parents alike during appointments.
Baylor Health Care System                      Resource primarily focuses upon the services offered within the Baylor Health Care System. However, resource also provides information on careers with a discussion on the organizational culture as a whole and in individual departments, as well a job postings for available positions. Health-related employer General Practioneer: provides medical care to patients of all ages; might use the site to help find a specailist for a patient with a specific medical need, or might use the site to help a patient find the appropriate outpatient services required for their medical condition.                             Receptionist: calls patients to schedule apppointments, check patients in for their appointments, record patient insurance and contact information; might use the resource to assist patients in completing medical forms before their appointments; using the resource for this purpose saves the patient time, adding value for the patient. Yes An individual interested in starting/continuing a career in the health care industry. Using the career section of the website allows individuals to search available positions in all departments. Also, a patient looking for a specialist or a physicain in their area may use the site to help find information about these doctors within the Baylor Health Care System.
BlueCross BlueShield of Texas              A multifaceted resource with a component for patients, employers, producers, and providers. Resource provides informationas to what health care services are provided/covered under BlueCross BlueShield health insurance. Resource provides information on the coverage offered, general health and wellness tips, information for employers on providing BlueCross BlueShield to employees, and fee schedules for providers for reimbursement purposes. Health-related employer Human Resources Manager: is responsible for personnel issues within a company; some of their duties include management of employee benefit and compensation plans; might us the resource as a means of gathering information about the coverage provided by BlueCross BlueShield of Texas in order to determine if such coverage should be included in the company’s employee benefit package.                          Revenue Cycle Manager: responsible for overseeing revenue generated by a health care organization; this means ensuring correct reimbursement from health insurance companies for medical service provided to beneficiaries; might use the resource to determine compensation or reimbursement for specific services; might use the site to further determine how to maximize reimbursements. Yes A patient looking for health insurance may use the site to determine whether coverage is right for them. A patient looking for a physician that accepts BlueCross BlueShield Texas may also use the site to find providers that accept coverage. Employers looking for new medical coverage may use the site as a research tool, while providers may also use the site as a research tool for determining compensation for services provided.


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There are a number of resources available to professionals and consumers in the health care industry. The following matrix is designed to help you organize these resources. Please read the instructions very carefully. Please ask the instructor if you have any questions about how to complete this matrix. All elements must be covered in detail.
  • Research the following and complete the matrix with the information requested in the matrix.
o Two or more credible, industry-related resources

o Two credible, professional health care resources

o Two health-related employers you are interested in working with

Some resources might apply to multiple categories, but for this assignment, select one category for each resource.
  • List at least two professions and two roles associated with the employers you listed. Provide a brief description of each role and profession.
  • Identify at least two of the resources you listed that are intended for both consumers and professionals.
Sites you may find useful include licensing organizations, federal or local health organizations, or association sites—such as the American Medical Association. Other research can be done by searching journals, textbooks, or your health care provider.




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