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I need a short introduction and 200 words on the following topic ASAP. Tomorrow at the latest.

I need a short introduction and  200 words on the following topic ASAP.  Tomorrow at the latest.


  • Describe the selected issue facing the organization (Pharmaceutical Companies that make osteoporosis medicines)




Subject: Fw: Revolutionary! World Congress On Osteoporosis Recommends First Non-Pharmaceutical Bone-Health Protocol


Last week, scientists at the 2015 World Congress on Osteoporosis agreed on a drug-free method for “treating” osteoporosis. Could this be a new milestone in our bone health revolution?


It’s called osteogenic loading, and it’s based on principles established by the Save Our Bones Program from over seven years ago.


So while the mainstream hails this as something new, the breakthrough development is that the Medical Establishment is finally coming around to admitting the uselessness of osteoporosis drugs.


Click the link below to read all about this breakthrough development and to learn about osteogenic loading:


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