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Discussions l, African American/Native Americans.

Discussions l, African American/Native Americans.  Compare and contrast factors, values, and preferences related to long-term care.  Answer the following questions:  What role does culture play when considering long-term care for an older family member?  What role does gender play within that culture?  Provide examples that support your answer.  250 to 300 words.  one scholarly source, APA format.


Discussion ll


Select one of the following vignettes provided by Mehrotra and Wagner (2006).  The vignettes I have chosen is Vignette 1: David Peterson.  David Peterson is 82 years old, lives in a one room apartment, in a large metropolitan area.  He requires assistance to move from his bed to a wheel chair or from his chair to the toilet.  He receives both personal care and home making services for a few hours every day.  His 58 years old daughter lives about a mile away from him and comes regularly to provide informal care.  However, she is not able to lift her father or to provide hands on care.  Describe the informal and formal support system for this individual.  Identify additional types of service the individual could benefit from.  Do you believe that the older adult in the vignettes is receiving the most optimal care? Why? or Why not?  Explain how you came to this conclusion.  250-300 words, one scholarly source, APA format.


Mehrotra, C., M. & Wagner, L., S. (2009). Aging and diversity (2nd ed.). New York, N. Y: Routledge.





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